Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is weird

For a while now, I've been aware of a guy named Neal Yamamoto who is a cartoonist/artist. I've gotten emails for him as well by people looking for his books and think I'm that guy.

Now, I tumble across his work on the Nikkei page. Link follows:

What is strange is his middle name is close to mine, Nobuo (mine is Noboru), his sense of humor is pretty close to mine, and aside from the description of "doughy gut" and "fueled by pastrami" he sounds like me as well. Easily annoyed, short and stocky, near sighted, still got hair, sleep deprived, indeterminate age due to good genetics, etc... all features in common.

He is yonsei, I'm sansei and spelling of Neal(Neil) are the major differences.

I wonder what else we have in common, but he seems to lack the martial arts aspect(no one's perfect I guess) I wonder if he likes Scotch too.

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